2018 Foals

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2018 will be Nobles first foal crop.   Exciting times to come!

Noble ran with all my mares this year, including our smaller AMHR AMHA's.  His time with them was limited so not all these mare will be in foal.


Noblebrook Prince Charming


Noble was purchased as a foal specifically for my Bob/Candy cross mares.  His sire is a stallion that I have always admired, a leader in the miniature horse world.  Nobles dam is 100% Arenosa.   

A power house of bloodlines.  







Sue.JPG (24195 bytes) Rowbuck O'Suzanna.  (Buckeroo's Little Rascal x Lucky Hart's Honkey Tonk)  AMHR 36" 1999 black  


Scarlet tracy.JPG (33523 bytes) JEM Scarlet O' Bobby.  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x Rowbuck O'Suzanna)  AMHR 2005 sorrel.  Scarlet has has been a show mare since a year.   She is halter HOF   


Velvet 2011 Nationals web (2).jpg (382876 bytes) JEM Bobby's Black Velvet  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x Rowbuck O'Suzanna)  April 25, 2008.  AMHR 36" black.  She is a full sister to  "JEM Bobby's Black Pearl" and "JEM Scarlet O' Bobby" HOF halter.    


Runaround Sue 2012 (3) (800x600).jpg (449645 bytes) JEM Bobby's Runaround Sue  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x Rowbuck O'Suzanna)  May 11, 2009.  AMHR 36" black.  This mare is so much like her dam Sue.   One awesome mare!!!!    
Bobby Sue 2012 (1).jpg (340073 bytes) JEM Bobby Sue.  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x Rowbuck O'Suzanna)  AMHR 36.5" 2011 chestnut.      
Southern Charm aug 2013 (1).jpg (135047 bytes) JEM Southern Charm.  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x Rowbuck O'Suzanna)  AMHR 36" 2012 black.     
Rebama.jpg (88152 bytes) Rowbuck Reba.  (Buckeroo's Little Rascal x Lucky Hart's Black Gold)  AMHR 36.50" 1997 silver gray.  National Champion and Reserve National Championships.    
Odette.jpg (16906 bytes) JEM Odette.  (Jandt's Chief Good Thunder x Rowbuck Reba)  AMHR 36.50 sorrel.  


Prima Donna (Ben+Diva) aug2013.jpg (205224 bytes) JEM Prima Donna.  (Ben Addition By George x JEM Lady Go Diva)  June 10, 2010.  AMHR AMHA 34".  Smokey black.  Donna is Lances full sister.     
07 Doll 10.JPG (33468 bytes) JEM China Doll.  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x Fine China)  AMHR 35" 2006 black pinto.  Doll is giving us wonderful foals.   We showed her 2011 filly and she took Supreme at her first show.   This mare is ultra feminine and passing it on.     


Fancy Lady (Ben x Spirit) 2014 (1) (800x600).jpg (140734 bytes) JEM Fancy Lady (pending)(Ben Addiction By George x Apache Spirit Lady)  June 6, 2012.  AMHR AMHA filly.  Palomino pinto.  FINALLY some color from Spirit so I will hang on to this little girl.       
Bobby's Bling Bdn 2013 (800x600).jpg (164591 bytes) JEM Bobby's Bling.  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x Triple K's Copys Charisma)  June 4, 2012.  AMHR over filly.  Black pinto.  Will mature over.  She is a pretty one!  Shown in 2013 and under 8 judges won 3 Grand Championships and 3 Reserve Grand Championships.    
Vanity Fair 2011 (2) (800x600).jpg (397146 bytes)

JEM Vanity Fair  (Ben Addition By George x JEM Vanilla Lace)  June 20, 2009. AMHR 34.5".  Blue Roan.  This filly is bred to the tops with Boones pedigree.  Vanity is very pretty, upheaded and strong moving mare.  

Rosie 2011 (13) (640x480).jpg (222122 bytes) JEM Rodeo Rosie  (Lucky Hart's Be Bob N' Baby x East Acres Strawberry)  AMHR 33.5".  April 25, 2008.  Roan.       
Ponytail 3.JPG (30033 bytes) Bonnets Little Ponytail.  (Boone's Little Andy x DD Black Beauty Bay Bonnet)  AMHR 37.25" 1994 black pinto.     
Ricky 1.JPG (172525 bytes) JEM Ricochet.  (Deiles Toy Socks x Deiles Sambo Lady)  AMHR/AMHA 34" 1996 black pinto.      
Eve Spirit.JPG (31803 bytes)  Apache Spirit Lady.  (Stiehls Apache Splash x Deiles Sambo Lady)   AMHR/AMHA 33.75" 1995 black pinto.      
Indy and filly.JPG (35593 bytes) JEM Independence Lady.  (Jandt's Chief Good Thunder X Apache Spirit Lady)  AMHR/AMHA, 32"  2000 silver black.  Indy was successfully shown in 2001 as a yearling.  She has consistently produced colorful small foals.   She is a STRONG moving mare with a lot of leg action.    
Diva 3.JPG (38884 bytes) JEM Lady Go Diva.  (Jandt's Chief Good Thunder X Apache Spirit Lady)  AMHR/AMHA, 32"  2002, brown/black, mature.  Diva was successfully shown in 2003 as a yearling and now will enter the mare band.  Successfully shown as a yearling in ND, Mb. and Sk. winning multiple Championships.      
Fem2.jpg (6533 bytes) JEM Fighting Feminist.  (Jandt's Chief Good Thunder x Kernel's Dusky)  AMHR 35.75"  1999 buckskin.  2000 North Dakota Hi-Point Amateur Mare, Res. Hi-Point Yearling Mare, Res. Hi-Point Solid Color Mare.  She has produce National Top Ten award winners as well as one filly that took home two Reserve National Championships.     


We register our foals with the JEM prefix. 

Jen, Jeff, Ernest & Mary Ann.


Please email for more information   mebartk@gmail.com 

Transport can be arranged anywhere.  Horses offered and prices are subject to change without notice.  Price quotes are in Canadian funds.  Canadian clients please add GST.

  Horses can be held with a 25% non refundable deposit and are only considered sold when paid in full.


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