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A few of our Arabian's

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Winter Magic

The little gray purebred Arabian mare that started it all.  Photo at 24 years of age.  Winter has had student's of all ages.  Teaching all, that horse sport is great sport  She is the start of the "Winter" prefix.  A grand lady!   On Dec. 4, 2006 which was her actual 30th birthday Winter left us for greener pastures.   Tears fell but it was time.  She meant alot and did alot for me.   We were together for 27 years.


My Arabian stallion who took me into the show ring competing at open shows in the exciting sport of reining.  A powerhouse that sires foals with ability and good minds.  On Sept. 5, 2010 at 29 years of age and in good health Pride left us doing what he loved.   He was running the fence visiting with the mares, calling and strutting his stuff.  He suffered a massive heart attack.  It was sudden and hard BUT I am thankful for this.  I loved him to much to have it any other way.


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Rocky Magic

Rocky is a registered half Arabian Pride son, off a registered Paint mare.  He is owned, trained and shown by my daughter.  Rocky and Jen compete in halter, showmanship, western pleasure and reining.  They have been a tough team to beat at open shows.

Winter Fantasy

A beautiful purebred Arabian mare that is Pride's pasture partner. Through the years she raised many foals, the last at 24 years of age.  Pretty athletes with great minds.  April 12, 2011 at 28 years of age Fantasy passed.   


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Goldie was an unregistered Arab pony cross.   She was the teacher of many!   Patient, steady and talented.   She knew when to run and when to walk.  She lived with us from 1985 till her death in 2001.  


The Arabs live on with my daughters collection of Pride X Fantasy offspring.

Hadi                                                                   Jayse                 Sulley


Jen James and gang 2009.jpg (35551 bytes)Jen James and Jayse 2009.jpg (43976 bytes)Jen James and Rocky 2009.jpg (54626 bytes)Jen James and Rocky 2 2009.jpg (57688 bytes)

James, Jen and her horses Dec. 2009.


Hadi, Jayse and Sulley giving Bobby a run.   They love teasing him!



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